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Winning New Customers: Hallmark Has Introduced A New Line Of Greeting Cards For Siblings In Incestuous Relationships!

If you’re someone who’s currently having a carnal affair with one of your siblings, you’re definitely going to want to read this. Hallmark has just released a new line of greeting cards specifically designed for siblings in incestuous relationships!

This is an incredible new way for the company to reach a wider customer base than ever before!

The next time you need to say Merry Christmas to the sibling you’re having sex with, you can just pick up this amazing new card from Hallmark.

The company has also started selling birthday cards for brothers and sisters in sexual relationships!

“If you want to say something meaningful to the brother or sister you’ve become romantically involved with, and you just can’t think of the words, Hallmark wants to help you express yourself,” said Hallmark spokesperson Larissa Motes. “These cards are the perfect way to let your sibling know that your forbidden lust for them will never die, no matter the occasion.”

And in typical Hallmark fashion, they’ve made cards for pretty much every occasion! There’s even a card for incestuous twins to give each other on Memorial Day!

Absolutely amazing! Sure, some of the cards might be a little sappy, but isn’t that what greeting cards are for? If you’re in love with your brother or sister, then Hallmark’s new greeting cards sound like they’re definitely something you’ll want to check out!