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Without A Trace: Here Are The 5 Greatest Unsolved Disappearances In History

Sometimes the worst part is never learning the truth.

1. Grover Cleveland: The 22nd and 24th president of the United States disappeared immediately after his inauguration. He uttered the last words of his oath, “So help me, God,” then ran into the woods.

2. James Joyce: Irish novelist James Joyce went through a revolving door in Rochester, New York, but never came out the other end. To this day several fans still make a pilgrimage to it.

3. Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo: The first female prime minister of Portugal vanished after crawling down a bowling lane to find out where all the pins go. Her remains were never recovered, and the Portuguese government was subsequently charged an $80 fee by the bowling alley to replace the bowling shoes that went missing with her.

4. Jimmy Hoffa: The disappearance of the legendary Midwest union boss has stumped police ever since a pelican plucked him off the Sears Tower and flew straight into the turbine of a Boeing 747. The heart of the mystery: At the scene of the plane crash, there were no bones, just broken bones, which don’t count. He is presumed to be alive and well to this day.

5. Elvis Presley: At noon on a clear August day in Memphis, 42-year-old Elvis Presley was tragically sucked down into his toilet. Family members recall that at one moment, the King of Rock and Roll was sitting right there in front of them on the toilet. The next, he had disappeared into the plumbing system, leaving no trace. To this day, Presley’s whereabouts and ultimate fate remain a mystery.