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Yes! Wet Ones Just Released A Line Of Edible Hand Wipes That You Can Eat In Front Of A Date To Impress Them

Here’s a way to totally seal the deal on your next date.

Wet Ones clearly understands how stressful it is to go on a first date, and they are stepping up in a big way to help allay some of those fears: They just released a line of edible hand wipes that are specifically designed to eat in front of your date to impress them.

Cool! Talk about a leg up!

There is no need to be nervous the next time you go out on date. You can spend less time fishing for topics, and more time wowing that special someone eating one hand wipe after another as a conversation starter. He or she will be amazed by how many hand wipes you are just quietly downing one after the other. There won’t be any awkward silences as your date asks you question after question about why and how you are housing so many antibacterial napkins.

And here’s the best part: The wipes still taste and smell like Wet Ones, which makes them more impressive to eat. The wipes give your tongue a low-grade chemical burn your date will certainly notice. After that, they’ll see you as a risk taker, which would pique anyone’s interest. Wet Ones also recommends saying things like “There are probably bleach in these things, right?” to make the feat that much more impressive.

With a fail-safe like this, it’s hard not to feel confident about your next date. Way to get us back in the game, Wet Ones!