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10 Pictures Of Whooping Cranes That We Swear You’ll Find Adorable Once You Warm Up To Them

Just give these guys a shot.

1. Awww. So cute! We think this guy will definitely grow on you if you give it a little time.

2. We know this seems like a bit of a stretch. But just look at a few more, and we’re almost positive you’ll love ’em.

3. You know, three years ago you’d have never thought you’d find baby sloths cute. Now, you can’t get enough of them.

4. No one expects you to find whooping cranes cute right off the bat. Sure, they’re spindly, and their beaks are a little intense. But bear with this pic, and soon enough you’ll be obsessed with these two little guys!

5. Just keep an open mind here. Read the list. Let it sink in. Come back to it. See how you feel in a day or two.

6. We know they aren’t puppies. They aren’t even baby farm animals. But in a few months, you’re going to start seeing these things everywhere. Just trust us.

7. Admit it: Something about this one’s backward-bending knees and long, contorting neck makes you smile!

8. Go ahead, share this picture with your friends. Come on. Let’s get this thing going.

9. Think about it: You could be the first person on the whooping cranes train. Kinda cool, right?

10. Adorbs!