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10 Unforgettable Photos Of Cats

From Sylvester to the Cheshire Cat, there are plenty of memorable kitties; but as great as those names may be, there are no cats quite like these.

1. Nobody knows cool better than this cat.

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2. This cat’s always making noise till 2 a.m.

3. Move over, Garfield—this guy’s the most famous cat you’ll ever see.

4. Nobody’s got nothing over this cat; he’s just too cool.

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5. Most cats might have birds on the brain, but this cat ain’t no birdbrain!

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6. Talk about a real crowd-pleaser.

7. This cat is just doing his thing.

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8. You know this cat isn’t stuck in a tree because he knows how to get down.

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9. Forget landing on your feet; we think this cat has what it takes to sweep us off our feet!

10. Aww! Look at that little mustache. We call this one Whiskers.

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