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16 Grapes That, When Arranged Just So, Resemble A Hugely Muscular Ant

On their own, these grapes might not seem so special. But put them together and suddenly you’ve got a really strong ant!

1. Here’s one of the grapes that, as you will soon see, can be arranged into the shape of a muscular ant.

2. Here’s another!

3. And yet another!

4. These grapes are getting ready to undergo one heck of a transformation!

5. Ooh, what do you think this one will be? The head? An abdominal segment?

6. Is it just a grape? Or something more?

7. Ants can carry objects 50 times their own weight. Grapes probably cannot.

8. Another grape to help build our muscular ant!

9. And another!

10. Wow. Can’t wait to see what becomes of this grape!

11. Grapes can be used to create wine, jam, juice, or jelly. This grape, however, will be used to create…AN ANT!

12. Ants are herbivores, which means they very well may eat grapes.

13. This grape looks like a perfect fit for a muscular ant’s biceps.

14. So many grapes! This is going to be one strong ant.

15. It wouldn’t be a good idea to leave the grape ant out in the sun, because then it would shrivel up into raisins. Can you imagine?!?

16. There! The 16th and final grape we need to build our muscular ant.

Wow, check it out!

That is one muscular ant! And to think, only moments ago it was just a pile of grapes. Just goes to show that there’s always more than meets the eye!