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5 Child Celebrities Who, If You Have Just A Modicum Of Patience, Will Eventually Get Hot

Look, these five child stars are bound to get hot eventually, but in the meantime you’ll just have to goddamn wait.

1. Jacob Tremblay

Jacob Trembly wowed audiences with his incredible performance as a boy growing up in captivity in Room, and if you can hold your horses for more than two seconds, he will surely grow up into a totally hunky celeb eventually. But let’s put a pin in that discussion until he is at least 18, okay? Okay?

2. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

Aubrey’s been charming TV audiences as Lily on Modern Family since she was 4 years old, but cool your goddamn jets if you are demanding that she should be an OMG sexy adult celeb right now. Chances are that she’ll be on the cover of a fashion or fitness magazine or in a bikini photo shoot or something in her early 20s. Let’s see if you can’t bide your time for another decade or so before you demand to gaze upon her hot celebrity flesh.

3. Gaten Matarazzo

Look, we promise this breakout star of Stranger Things will be a totally sexy celeb in just a few years, but for now can’t you just let him be a cute kid? Let him grow up far from your dead-eyed gaze that demands only to see his to-die-for abs or toned pecs. Those will come in due time, so maybe take your foot off the gas pedal for a goddamn second.

4. Isabella Crovetti-Cramp

Let’s also not rule out that one of these child stars takes a total left turn and becomes a weird-looking adult or decides to step out of the public eye. It would be a fitting little parable for your complete inability to cool your heels.

5. Neel Sethi

We have plenty of former child stars who are now hot celebrities. We’ve got Alexa Vega, Neville from Harry Potter, even Neil Patrick Harris for chrissake. Go look at them. When it’s time for you to ogle over this Jungle Book star, we’ll publish pictures of Neel shirtless under the headline “Um Yeah, We Need To Talk About Neel Sethi’s Biceps Because Swoon So Hard Right Now.” But until that time, just be patient. Please?