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5 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Dad

Just about everyone has a dad these days, but are you really getting the most out of yours? These surprising hacks can help you use your dad to the fullest.

1. Extra Cash

Most people know that you can ask your dad for directions to the airport or how long to cook a steak, but did you know that most models of dad also come pre-loaded with a fair amount of extra cash if you ever need it? Try it out the next time you’re low on rent or just need a couple bucks for a Saturday night. 

2. Health Insurance

Uninsured? Your everyday dad might be able to provide a surprising solution. Recent changes to the law make it possible for people under the age of 26 to stay on the health insurance their dads get from work. Talk about a life hack!

3. Power Tools

Obviously, your dad can fix things around the house—that’s one of the primary reasons people have dads. But what about after you’ve moved out? We looked into it, and it turns out you can still borrow most of your dad’s power tools yourself, providing you bring them back exactly as you found them and make sure the cordless drill is charged when you return it.

4. Seasonal Modes

Have you looked into your dad’s seasonal settings lately? Around the Fourth of July, make sure to use your dad frequently for grilling tips and information about fireworks access. And at Christmastime, your dad becomes an invaluable tool for decorating suggestions and gift ideas for your mother.

5. Free Rides

A lot of people overlook this feature when using their dad, but if you ever make a bad decision or feel like you’re in trouble, your father will come pick you up, any time, anywhere, no questions asked. He and your mother love you very much and you should never worry about getting in trouble over your own safety. One unfortunate bug—he may want to have a conversation about this in the morning.