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5 Of Dad’s Friends You Should Drop A Line To

“If you’re having trouble with the whole job search thing, you should definitely reach out to one of these guys. They can probably give you some pointers.”

1. Phil Weiss

“You remember Phil from our D.C. trip, right? Well, he remembers you. He helps out a lot of kids in your position. I still have his email around here somewhere if you want me to put you in touch with him.”

2. Bruce Hayashi

“You know what, I’d bet anything Bruce is on Facebook. He’s doing something or other with corporate law, but I know he has connections with nonprofits too. You never know.”

3. Ian Reynolds

“Now that I think about it, the guy you’re gonna wanna talk to is Ian. He started at my old firm when he was about your age, and now, he’s basically running the place. You’re on LinkedIn, right? Ian is a big LinkedIn guy.”

4. Tim Stewart’s Son

“What about Tim Stewart’s son? If I remember correctly, he lives in Baltimore…or maybe Boston. He’s interested in a lot of the same stuff you are. I met him a few years back, and he seemed like a good kid.”

5. Martin Jackson

“Oh, I almost forgot about Martin! You guys met when we were in Tampa for the conference, remember? With that hotel pool that had a slide? Martin would love to talk to you about career stuff; you guys should get coffee sometime. Or a beer! You’re an adult; I don’t need to be there.”