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5 Pictures For My Amateur Photography Class That Accidentally Captured Shots Of UFOs, But I Am Really Just Looking For Feedback On Composition Here

Let’s make sure to keep this a conversation about my photography skills, not a debate on whether or not we’ve been visited by aliens.

1. So really all I’m looking for, feedback-wise, is if I’m grasping the fundamentals of photography on this one. Can we ignore that there’s clearly a UFO of some sort in the sky? I didn’t know it was there, and it wasn’t supposed to be in the picture. I already know the spaceship is there; it’s not constructive for you to tell me again. Do all the lines in the photo draw your eye to the middle? Is there clear depth with the mountains in the distance? Any advice would be great, and again, please ignore the apparent spaceship that, again, was not supposed to be in this photo.

2. In this image, I was trying to frame it correctly for two-point perspective. I think you can pretty much tell that the barn has two vanishing points, and in my opinion, this is pretty good for a newbie. I’d definitely like some tips for the future, though, to make an image like this more interesting to look at other than the fact that there’s what appears to be an intergalactic vessel in the sky above it.

3. I don’t know where the lights in this photo came from, so whether or not they are earthly is completely irrelevant. Personally, I think my camera was just malfunctioning, since I certainly don’t remember them being present while I was taking this; and night photography can be strange with such long exposures, so things can get weird. Okay, now that we’ve discussed the elephant in the room, let’s talk about symmetry in this image since that’s what I was going for. Any thoughts?

4. If one more person tells me that I’ve taken the most important photo in human history and doesn’t have any input on if there is too much headroom above the mountains or if I used a long enough lens, I am going to scream.

5. Okay, I admit that the UFO is what really drew me into composing this image. That being said, let’s talk about how it fits into the photograph, not the fact that I actually captured it. Is it a good picture? Possibly. Did I use the rule of thirds successfully? I sure hope so. Is it proof that we aren’t alone in the universe? Well, one amateur’s photo isn’t going to prove or disprove that.

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