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5 Secret McDonald’s Menu Items You Have To Order

Standard fare at Mickey D’s getting old? Good news: There’s a hidden world of food waiting for you on McDonald’s unofficial, unadvertised secret menu. So, next time you see those golden arches, switch it up with some of these must-try items you never realized you could order.

1. Big Mac, “Balled Up”

What it is: All the Big Mac ingredients you know, rolled and pressed by the sandwich preparer into a compact ball.

How to order: Ask for a Big Mac, but say you want it “balled up.” Your server will know what to do, and pretty soon, you’ll be chowing down on one of these.

2. McChicken, “Balled Up”

What it is: An irresistible twist on a classic. A McChicken is crammed into the shape of a ball to make this yummy creation.

How to order: Make sure they understand you’d like your McChicken “balled up.” Or, you can order a normal McChicken and “ball it up” yourself.

3. Premium Bacon Ranch Salad, “Balled Up”

What it is: You’ve never had your salad like this before. “Balled up” style means taking a big dish and squeezing it into the smallest space possible.

How to order: Don’t be timid! Just say you’d like a Premium Bacon Ranch Salad, then say, “And put that in a ball for me,” or, “I’ll take it in a ball.” It’s no surprise the “balled up” version of this salad is supposedly even more popular than the original.

4. Happy Meal, “Balled Up”

What it is: One juicy hamburger, golden french fries, apple slices or Go-Gurt, and a toy—mashed together into a hearty 600-calorie wad.

How to order: “Give me a Hamburger Happy Meal, and don’t forget to ball it up.”

5. Secret Menu, “Balled Up”

What it is: Everything you love about the secret menu in one tasty ball.

How to order: Make the above orders in succession, then say, “All that? Let’s ball that all right up. I’ll take it balled up.”