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5 Tragedies Weirdly Predicted By Adam Sandler

We love Adam Sandler’s ‘SNL’ characters and his movies ‘Billy Madison,’ ‘The Wedding Singer,’ and ‘Big Daddy,’ but did you know that the Sandman has also bizarrely predicted some of the most devastating events in recent history? Here are just a handful of the tragedies foreseen by the world-famous comedian.

1. Waco Siege

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In the wake of the 1993 tragedy, which involved Branch Davidian leader David Koresh and 75 other people perishing during an FBI raid on the cult’s compound, few knew that a young Adam Sandler had predicted the incident in his stand-up act. Tapes now reveal Sandler would often spend several minutes on stage repeatedly uttering the phrase, “Something’s coming to Waco. Something dark.”

2. The Death Of Princess Diana

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The infamous 1997 car crash that claimed the life of Diana, Princess of Wales shocked the world, but hardcore Sandler fans immediately made the connection to one seemingly out-of-place scene from 1996’s Happy Gilmore, in which Sandler looks directly into the camera and says, “Our Queen’s eldest, the beautiful flower, will wilt under a Parisian bridge.”

3. BP Oil Spill

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In 2010, a massive oil rig explosion resulted in the discharge of nearly 5 million barrels of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, as was strangely foretold on a 2005 episode of Late Night With Conan O’Brien, when guest Adam Sandler’s T-shirt simply read, “BP OIL SPILL IN FIVE YEARS.”

4. 2010 Haitian Earthquake

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The U.N. estimates that 222,570 people were killed and 300,572 injured during this tragedy, which are only slightly off from Sandler’s Funny People estimates of 220,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries.

5. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Most recently, the case of the missing Malaysian passenger flight on March 8, 2014 almost too perfectly echoed the lines from a 1993 Saturday Night Live “Opera Man” sketch: “A missing plane-ah / It’s from Malaysia / Make me insane-ah / This will all make sense in due time.”

Clearly, Adam has a knack for divining when bad things will happen! We can’t wait to see which of his predictions will occur next. Until then, we’re left with his chilling words from ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’: “Water shall overtake the eastern seaboard. Man, woman, child, and animal. All will drown.”