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6 Amazing Pictures Of Deer Melting That We Published Before Looking Up An Explanation

You’re gonna wanna get a good look at these.

1. Wow. We don’t really know why this deer is melting into the earth, but we just had to get this photo up.

2. It’s unclear if the melting thing is affecting all deer or just the ones on this list. Again, we don’t have any more information than you do. Totally crazy, though.

3. If there is an explanation out there already, a cursory Google search did not yield it, and we wanted to publish these amazing photos ASAP. Just look at this twofer. Whoa.

4. Your guess is as good as ours as to what is happening here. Poor son of a bitch.

5. Yeah, maybe we should have done some more research or something, because boy, oh, boy, this stuff looks pretty crazy. Whatever’s going on, it got this guy early, because he’s pretty much soup at this point.

6. You can see a squirrel in the background of this picture, and the squirrel seems fine. So, maybe this thing only affects deer? That’s just a guess. Honestly, we have no idea.

Well, jeez, we wish we had more information or something to put here, but we got nothing. We got these photos of melting deer, which is apparently a thing that’s happening now. Surely someone will report on this or something, right? Anyway, deer are melting right now. Christ.