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6 Broken Chips That Could Still Hold Salsa If You Just Gave Them A Chance

Don’t just pass them by.

1. This chip may look broken, but if you gave it a fair shot, you’d see there’s enough surface area left to hold a decent amount of salsa.

2. Sure, you can rummage through the bowl and only pick out the whole ones. Or, you can look a little deeper and see that this tortilla fragment has a lot to offer.

3. Just hold these pieces and dip them in the salsa together, or you can dip each fragment separately, like three mini-chips. The choice is yours.

4. If you think about it, this one is like a toothpick, perfect for skewering a nice chunk of tomato or a cube of pepper.

5. Someone else left this chip in the salsa, but you can be the one who rescues it. Why dip another chip in the salsa when there’s a perfectly good one in there already?

6. So when things get hard, you’re just going to walk away? Typical.