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6 Heads You Never Realized Are Also On Mount Rushmore

Summertime means its time to pack the family in the car and visit America’s favorite monument: Meat Rushmore, made 100% from pure Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. We all know Meat Rushmore was inspired by legendary monument Mount Rushmore, but can you name everyone on the South Dakota landmark? Here are six faces that most people never knew are also on Mount Rushmore:

1. James Lipton

Believe it or not, the legendary Inside The Actor’s Studio host’s head was added to the monument in 2003, carved just below Abraham Lincoln’s chin.

2. Tony Hale

Yup! Turns out the folks at the National Park Service are also huge fans of Arrested Development and added Buster Bluth’s head to the monument in late-2005.

3. Generic Monster

Next time you’re in South Dakota, look for this guy who was added in 1927. After not being able to agree on which monster to put on the monument, the monument’s planners ended up going with this non-specific goblin right in between Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

4. Gutzon Borglum

Bet you didn’t know this little piece of trivia: Mount Rushmore’s sculptor Gutzon Borglum slipped in a carving of his own head into the monument after making it three times bigger than any of the heads and inserting it directly in front of George Washington’s face.

5. Theodore Roosevelt’s Second Head

While most people can easily spot Theodore Roosevelt’s first, more famous head on Mount Rushmore, most people forget that his second head is right there for everyone to see!

6. [Open, leasing options available]

Reserved for over 12 years by Cleveland resident Marissa Koln, the Mount Rushmore’s last spot is currently available for lease. 12,000 sq. feet of solid granite zoned for commercial use. Call James Desmond. 605-215-6034.

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