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6 Insanely Mind-Blowing Facts About Bees

Here are a few incredible facts about bees that will completely blow your mind!

Bees communicate through dance in order to convey information to other members of their hive about where flowers are located. They have one dance that means, “Where are the flowers?” and another dance that means, “I don’t know.”

Bees only sting out of jealousy.

When threatened by predators, a beehive will sprout legs, drop from its tree, and jog away into the forest. If you see a beehive running through the woods on a pair of gorgeous human man legs, it is considered polite to shout, “I hope you escape!”

How large is a bee? Picture this: If you hollowed out a small human boy, you could fit 800 bees inside of his empty skin.

If you keep your mouth open for long enough, a swarm of bees will fly out of it.

It is often said that bees are more afraid of you than you are of bees. This is a lie.