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6 Pairs Of Aviator Sunglasses You Can Wordlessly Hand Mom For Mother’s Day If Things Are Like That Right Now

Things a little chilly with Mom right now? These aviators might be your best bet for a gift this Mother’s Day.

1. Your relationship with your mom might be a little strained currently, but you’ve still got to get her something. This $14 pair of aviators meets the bare requirements for a Mother’s Day gift, and they’re a pretty minimal commitment cash-wise. Just silently slide ’em across the table while avoiding eye contact, and that should be good enough.

2. Obviously, you don’t want to be the first one to blink in the icy stalemate you’ve got going with your mom, and buying her anything even remotely sentimental risks doing just that. Play it safe with these nondescript aviators. Don’t bother with a gift bag or a card—just toss the sunglasses over to your mom with a “take it or leave it” sort of flourish and coolly walk away.

3. At $72, this pair of aviators is a little on the pricier side. But, considering how tense things are with you and your mom right now, buying them as a Mother’s Day gift would be a pretty slick gambit. Spending a lot of money on a not-so-thoughtful gift is a total power move, and you’ve got to imagine it would fuck with your mom’s head a little.

4. These aviators aren’t that great, but they’ll do. If you’d feel awkward giving them to your mom in person, you could just leave them on the hood of her car with a tersely worded note like, “Here is a present. Regards.”

5. Your mom’s the parent in the relationship, and she’s got to start acting like it if she wants any decent Mother’s Day loot. But until she’s ready to quit with all the childish bullshit drama, you shouldn’t feel bad wordlessly handing her these cheap Ray-Ban knockoffs and peacing out.

6. Are these aviators the kind of gift that says, “I love you, Mom”? No. But they’re still a gift, so whatever. Happy Mother’s Day.