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6 Signs The Date’s Going Well

Don’t blow this!

1. Rod Stewart is there and gives you a nod of approval: When you see Rod the Mod smile in a way that suggests, “You old dog, you!” then you know things are going great.

2. You have both been secretary of the interior: Shared interests are huge! What could provide more conversational fodder than discovering you have both at some point served as the top U.S. official on federal land conservation and natural resources?

3. They “forget” their Advent calendar in your floor safe: Uh-oh! Looks like you’ll have to see them again to return their chocolates.

4. The waiter takes a photo of you on your date and puts it on the wall with the celebrities: Whoa, big compliment! When your server does this, you know there’s something there.

5. You realize that, between the two of you, you have the knowledge to make a chair: You are a master of carving the legs, and your date is great at attaching the part you sit on to the other parts. Separately, you can’t make a thing, but together, you can craft a chair. The moment you realize this is the moment you know that date two is a lock.

6. You are Jennifer: There’s no denying it—if you’re Jennifer, your effortless charm and flawless skin virtually guarantee a second date.