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6 Things That Happened At Every Sleepover Growing Up

Get your sleeping bag ready.

1. At the stroke of midnight, wild dogs burst in and dragged away the weakest friend: Mom and Dad always knew to prepare one fewer table setting for breakfast in the morning.

2. The girls from the sleepover next door snuck in through the window to offer a single piece of Crispix, then left: Extra points if you put the single piece of Crispix in a plastic bag, then buried it in your root cellar!

3. The first person to fall asleep had the Bill of Rights written in marker all across their face: Nothing was worse than waking up, looking in the mirror, and realizing you got part of the U.S. Constitution plastered all over your cheeks and forehead. Hopefully you always woke up before they got to unreasonable searches and seizures!

4. Everyone rapidly went through puberty in unison: Let’s face it: If you’ve been to a sleepover, you’ve gone through puberty in 15 minutes along with everyone else there.

5. You got to practice queuing: There was no better time to practice being in a line than at a sleepover with all your buds. Ugh, we would do anything to be a kid again.

6. One friend always left early to avenge their family: It wouldn’t be a sleepover if one guest didn’t have to split in the middle of the night to hunt down the man with the raven tattoo that took everything from them. Classic sleepover move!