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7 Arguments Every Couple Has

Yep, all relationships have them. Weather these storms and you’ll grow stronger and closer.

1. The old “It’s time to have the dog put to sleep/But we just adopted him 10 minutes ago” argument: Stay together long enough and you’re going to have this argument. It’s a verified classic.

2. The “Everything’s clay” argument: When you come home to your apartment and find that everything in it is now made of clay, you’ll probably find yourself pointing fingers at your partner.

3. The “Can we have sex somewhere besides the silo?” argument: Silos are a great place to get down and dirty, but at a certain point, one of you is going to get sick of it.

4. The “Why can’t I kiss you during your court-martial?” argument: You want to be there for your partner for the high times and the lows, when they aren’t being court-martialed and when they are. Just remember that they still need their space.”

5. The Argument by John Michael Chandler: When it all finally comes out…who will have the last word? Once you’ve begun John Michael Chandler’s The Argument, there’s no turning back. “Thrilling!” —NYT Book Review. “John Michael Chandler has done it again…absolutely spellbinding. I couldn’t put it down.” —Esquire

6. The argument about how Ringo Starr is going to die: Let’s face it: Being in a relationship is tough. Constantly debating how legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr will meet his demise will eventually lead to a blow-up that might make or break your love for one another.

7. The dolphin/fish argument: We’ll save you some time on this one: Dolphins and fish do have sex with each other.