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7 Awesome DIY Projects I Have Built Out Of The Things My Children Have Thrown At My Head

Affordable, stylish, and perfect for any home!

1. DIY Wooden Wall Clock

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I personally love this DIY accented wall clock, not just because it brings warmth to my kitchen, but because it’s made from scraps that all my kids recently threw at my head! For the mom with no time but a lot of love, this is a fast, easy decoration that you and your three children with disturbingly good aim can cherish!

2. DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

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If you’re looking for that extra pop of green, and your kids have recently picked up and heaved several mason jars at full force towards your face, this is the project for you! The other day, my darling Leah, Jeanette, and Peter somehow managed to get their grubby fingers on my old glassware cabinet and chucked these versatile jars directly at my temples—and the resulting mini-garden is absolutely stunning.

3. DIY Crate Coffee Table

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Are your children abnormally strong, so much so that they can pick up and throw a full-size shipping crate at your skull all by themselves, without any assistance? Mine definitely are, so I used the leftover wood and nails to make this gorgeous reclaimed table. This table is a no-brainer—it matches any vintage furniture you might have, and it can easily cover up any dents in the floor that your children might have made from throwing beautiful ceramic pots at your head as you cowered on the ground.

4. DIY Driftwood Candle Holder

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Ah, candles! I made these on one rainy Sunday afternoon when my children and I were trapped in our house with nowhere to go. That day, the oldest one came up with a plan to throw a lit candle at my head. Soon, the idea had caught on, and all three began lighting matches and throwing them at me until my hair was fully aflame. One hour later, and voila! Candles in a driftwood holder that is far too high on the wall for them to reach.

5. DIY Headboard From A Repurposed Door

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Let’s face it: Sometimes, as a mom, you just want to give your kids the perfect room where absolutely nothing can be used to hurt you. I’ve said this several times, but my kids have worked tirelessly to unscrew an old closet door and drop it on me while I’m sleeping. Thankfully, I’ve woken up every time! Well, believe it or not, this adorable headboard is made from that very door, and is nailed firmly to the wall so it can never, ever be removed!

6. DIY Painted Glass Paperweight

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Unfortunately, this wasn’t so much made from things that my children threw at my head as it was just the thing that was thrown at my head. I’ve included it on this list, though, because it’s still a very fun DIY project, and the perfect personalized apology gift for friends or family who have accidentally been caught in the crossfire of objects intended for your skull.

7. DIY Picture Frames Using Old Windows

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Kids, they grow up so fast! When people come over to my house, I want them to see my three beautiful children, not the monsters who have become accustomed to trying to kill me. I love them so much even though they stole all the windows from the house and were stockpiling them for some unknown reason. So, with that, here’s my way of remembering their sweet faces forever!