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7 Dogs That Would Probably Be Cute If Not For Their Weirdly Visible Nipples

Good thing these pups have prominent, unsightly nipples, otherwise we just might cuddle them to death.

1. Is she cute or what? That’s not a hypothetical question; we honestly don’t know, because we’re too transfixed by her long, jangly nipples.

2. Our hearts would probably be melting right now, if not for the fact that we could see this dog’s phalanx of nipples.

3. Meet Applejack. She loves snuggling up for long naps, but we truthfully wouldn’t let her come near us because her nipples are upsetting.

4. I mean, it seriously looks like this one’s sprouting tentacles or something.

5. Little Rylee here’s been waiting at the rescue shelter for a kind human to come take her to her forever home. Look at those nipples, though. No one wants to adopt that.

6. Jesus.

7. Nothing makes this pooch happier than a nice belly rub, but, uh, no way in hell is that ever happening.