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7 Experiences Every AIM Addict Remembers

If you used to spend your nights and weekends on AOL Instant Messenger, chances are a few of these things will be familiar.

1. Hearing the “panting runner” sound effect whenever a message was incoming.

2. Spending way too much time organizing your buddy list in order of who liked Korea the most.

3. Listening to the sound of Alexander Graham Bell shrieking as your computer connected to the internet.

4. Staying up late asking SmarterChild if it was having sex with your wife.

5. Hearing the “closing door” sound effect and thinking that someone was trying to enter your home to use your recliner.

6. Using the codeword “iaf“ whenever you went inside a refrigerator.

7. Always knowing that even though we have Facebook and Gchat now, nothing will ever compare to the sound of the yellow man with no genitals screaming “My name is Tony. Goodbye God!” when you logged off AIM.