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7 Nihilistic Quotes That Only Brilliant, Misunderstood Young Males On The Internet Will Appreciate

No one else gets it.

1. If you get this, congratulations; you are an intelligent young man on the internet, and you are AWAKE.

2. Other people will never understand this. They’re just pigs eating whatever life drops in their trough. At least you know better, you twentysomething Caucasian male.

3. Chuck Palahniuk knows what it’s like to be the only smart young guy in the room. Too bad so many idiots think that Fight Club is just a movie about fighting.

4. You are probably in college. Your name is maybe Chris.

5. One day, you’ll move someplace where people aren’t so full of shit.

6. Not everyone understands that life is an endless, monotonous highway. But you and Canadian rocker Tom Cochrane do.

7. It doesn’t matter how “successful” each of us is in life. We’re all doomed to die. Why can’t anyone else see that?