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7 NORMAL Bedtimes That Prove Mine Is Unfair

By the time I have to go to bed, almost none of my friends have even put on their pajamas yet. These totally normal bedtimes prove that mine is unfair.

1. Mark, 10:00 PM

When Mark goes to his dad’s house in North Hampton, he doesn’t go to sleep until 10:00. Sometimes 11:00 if he has a babysitter.

2. Kaylee, 9:00 PM

Kaylee has to be in bed by 9:00, but she has a TV in her room, so she gets to stay up as long as she wants.

3. Aiden, 11:00 PM

Aiden gets to stay up until 11:00 on school nights, and he barely ever seems tired or anything!

4. Logan, 10:30 PM

Logan’s parents are so paranoid they won’t even let him go to the trampoline park. And even they don’t make him go to bed until 10:30.

5. Mason, 12:00 AM

Since Mason can play Pokemon until midnight if he feels like it, he’s way further along than me, and it’s not even fun to battle him anymore.

6. Tucker, 11:30 PM

When my mom and dad went to Arizona and I stayed at Tucker’s house for a week, we stayed up until 11:30 every night. And I was fine!

7. Isabella, 2 AM?

Isabella told me she goes to sleep at 2 a.m. most nights, and maybe she’s lying, because she does lie a lot, but I’d bet anything she doesn’t have to go to sleep at 8:30 like I do.