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7 Signs You’re The Problem Roommate

If you can’t figure out who the bad roommate is, it’s probably you.

1. You insist on paying your share of the rent with a catapult: Launching $550 in spare change in the general direction of your landlord’s house is not only incredibly inefficient, but it makes life more stressful for everyone else on the lease.

2. You keep everyone awake by loudly counting your biscuits late into the night: Eight. You have eight biscuits. Stop counting them all the time.

3. When you leave your room, you have to leave yourself a trail of food in order to find your way back: Just ask your roommate for directions. Don’t make a mess!

4. All of the posters in your room are photos of your other roommates: Some could see this as flattering, but your roommates are definitely going to feel alienated when they see 36-by-24 images of themselves plastered above your bed.

5. You are very sexy: No one wants to live with someone like this.

6. Every time your roommate is in the bathroom, you show up in the mirror: It’s called “privacy”— look it up!

7. You’re the only roommate who has never been given a key to the city: Yup. There is just no clearer indication that you are the problem roommate.