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7 Slices Of Pizza You Should Invite To Your Super Bowl Party

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Not sure which pizza slices you should send an invitation to this year? Look no further; we’ve got our picks for the slices every Super Bowl party needs.

1. The One Who’s Just There To Have Fun

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With all the tense competition of a football game, it’s always nice to have someone around to keep the mood light and not take things too seriously!

2. The Couple

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Everyone knows these two. Never leaving each other’s side and not even bothering to pay attention to anyone else. Still, they’re too adorable to NOT be at your party!

3. The Recluse

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This unassuming slice doesn’t show its true colors to just anyone, displaying just a few of its delicious toppings to the outside world. But once you get to know it, you see how beloved, and how savory and flavorful, it can truly be.

4. The Patriotic One

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Stay All-American throughout the game with the slice that matches the stripes on Old Glory, and if given the chance, would belt out the national anthem in a booming baritone.

5. The Sausage One

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This quirky little guy is covered head to toe in sausages. Sure, he’s a bit eccentric, but talk about the life of the party.

6. Your Secret Crush

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You’ve been eyeing this one for a while, so what better time to finally make a move than at your Super Bowl party? Correct answer: There is no better time!

7. The Chiropractor

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When Dr. Supreme makes his appearance, you’ll be reaching so fast across the table that your sciatica will be cured for months.

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