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7 Things Everyone Experienced In Gym Class

Depending on the type of person you are, the words “gym class” either make you nostalgic for your glory days or shudder in pure shame. Either way, here are a few PE experiences everyone had.

1. Pretending to take your clothes off in the locker room because you couldn’t figure out how to do it for real: Your best bet was to just suck your arms up into your sleeves, thrash around a bit, and hope that no one would notice you were faking it.

2. Listening to the rope groan in ecstasy while you climbed it: It was annoying enough that everyone had to climb the rope, but it was downright maddening to listen to the rope groan with pleasure and mutter things like, “That feels incredible! I love to get climbed! I am made of warthog hair!” as you climbed toward the ceiling.

3. Getting called on by the gym teacher to explain basketball and saying “It’s clearly the game where you spin in place”: So. Embarrassing.

4. The horror of having your teacher blow his whistle to stop a game of dodgeball to inform your class that John Lennon had been shot: Yup. Everyone remembers exactly where they were in gym class when they found out that John Lennon had been shot.

5. A stronger gym teacher overthrowing your gym teacher: We knew that gym teachers rule by strength and could be overthrown at any moment.

6. Ball: We all remember ball.

7. Running laps around a child watching as he became a year older with every lap: No matter how fast or slow you ran, you still somehow managed to make the child at the center of the field age one year with each successive lap. FML.