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7 Things That Happen Every Time Your Boss Goes Out Of Town

We’ve all been there! Your boss heads out of town and everyone cuts loose! Here’s what always happens the days when the cat’s away.

1. You spend all day browsing fun, non-work-related websites like so you can update your boss on his favorite sports teams the second he returns

2. You take as much time away from your department as possible and look over at your boss’s desk longingly, wondering when he’ll be back

3. You take an extra-long lunch, because maybe getting out of the office will distract you from thinking about how much you miss your boss

4. You eagerly wait by the office door, hoping your boss will come through it any second now

5. You make a scrapbook showing your boss exactly how much you love and appreciate him

6. You call every hospital in the tri-county area to have them contact you if anyone with your boss’s name or description is admitted

7. You blow work off three hours early so you can try to find your boss. May he never, ever leave you again.