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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Police Officer

There’s a lot more to being a police officer than the uniform. Here are some little known facts about what it’s like to be a cop.

1. Only TV cops call it their “beat”: Real police refer to it as their “ceaseless adventure.”

2. Every cop can customize the siren on their police car, but they always choose the same one: It’s called “The Cop’s Dirge,” and we guess cops just love it!

3. Police scientists are still discovering new radio codes: Recently police scientists at MIT uncovered the 10-992, which means that an escaped circus elephant is attacking the Swedish embassy.

4. Catching a murderer is harder than you think: As any cop worth her salt knows, murderers have the ability to lie about whether they did it.

5. You can tell a house belongs to a police officer because it’s filled with all the people the officer has arrested: Ever see a house filled with people wearing orange jumpsuits? Chances are, it was a cop’s house.

6. There are different names for different numbers of police officers: If you have one cop, then you have “a police.” If you have two or more cops (integer numbers) then you have “police.” If you have 1.5 cops (or any non-integer number) then you have “some police.” If you have all the cops, then congratulations, you have “the police.”

7. Sometimes there is a horse: One of the lesser-known aspects of police life, sometimes there will be a horse.

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