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7 Ways They Could Totally Screw Up The New ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Still more than a year away from its December 2015 release date, J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ is already generating a lot of excitement. But when adding to a series as classic as ‘Star Wars,’ the possibility of dropping the ball and upsetting fans is definitely going to be high. Here are some ways they could totally screw up the new movie:

1. Title the movie Return Of The Jedi: For a movie in which the heroic Jedis will presumably return to action, Return Of The Jedi seems like pretty much the perfect name. But for longtime Star Wars enthusiasts, this title might raise a red flag, as IMDB indicates it has already been used by a previous film in the series.

2. Let the actors eat while on camera: Actors have to eat, but J.J. Abrams should be sure to explain to his cast that they can only have lunch while they are off camera.

3. Make fun of the disabled: Even one line of dialogue disparaging the physically or cognitively handicapped would make it really difficult to purely enjoy Star Wars as an outer space escapist fantasy.

4. Bring back Jabba The Hutt with legs: Continuity errors happen, but few would be able to forgive a flub as glaring as reintroducing a character that was clearly killed off in a previous film with a new pair of legs. 

5. Accidentally spell it ‘Spar Wars’ in the credits: Unless J.J. Abrams wants to incur the wrath of Star Wars purists around the world, he’d better make sure not to accidentally spell it ‘Spar Wars’ in the opening credits. Superfans would lose their minds!

6. Make Chewbacca throw up every time hes on camera: Sorry, but that’s just not our Chewbacca.

7. Accidentally write the entire script referring to Luke Skywalker as Star Wars: Fanboys would be quick to point out that Star Wars is the name of the movie franchise, not the name of that franchise’s protagonist. If characters in the new film kept calling Luke Skywalker ‘Star Wars,’ J.J. Abrams would have a veritable riot on his hands.