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7 Ways To Take Your Trash Bag Of White Bread To The Next Level

Getting a little bored with your garbage bag full of white bread? Here are seven ways to kick it up a notch.

1. Load that bread up with pinecones

It’s everything you love about pinecones combined with everything you love about a garbage bag full of white bread. You already drag your trash bag full of white bread everywhere you go, so might as well do it in style!

2. Glue some bells onto the trash bag

People are going to be so jealous when they hear you jingling down the street with your white-bread trash bag in tow. And they should be!

3. Use a garbage bag with a drawstring

Once you try this, it’ll be hard to go back to carrying bread in a regular garbage bag. Give it a go!

4. Hire a porter to carry your bag

This will cost a bit more, but you’ll be glad you spent the money next time you’re going up a flight of stairs, gazing upon your trash bag full of white bread without having to lug it.

5. Clear garbage bag and very cold water

Not only can you see your white bread through the bag, it’s also freezing wet. This might sound indulgent, and it totally is. You and your bag are worth it!

6. Invite a happily married couple to live in the bag

This is a trash bag full of white bread done right. Guaranteed once an adorable old couple who still tell each other “I love you” every day start calling your bag home, you’ll never go back.

7. Whole loaf

Okay, we have to go try this ASAP, because it is pretty much everything.