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8 Fun In The Sun Activities, Unless, God Forbid, You Didn’t Pack The Sunscreen

Summertime means long, lazy days soaking up the sun, assuming you didn’t completely blow it again.


A relaxing canoe trip around a local lake can be a charming way to spend an afternoon, ruined only by your frenzied groping around inside your waterproof backpack for a tube of sunscreen that will never materialize.

Treasure Hunting

Using a metal detector to comb the beach for lost coins can be fun and profitable! That being said, you’ll wish you hadn’t forgotten the sunblock when you’re spending your loot on future melanoma treatment.

Beach Reading

From a novel to a trashy magazine, nothing beats curling up on the beach and digging into some text—oh, no, this isn’t sunblockit’s moisturizer. Why do they make the bottles so similar? Jesus.

Cliff Jumping

You only live once! The fear of falling shouldn’t hold you back—but the fear of UV radiation on your bare skin should.

Summer Sports

The perfect day at the beach: Surfing, Parasailing, and Fishing. Just think “SPF.”

Boogie Boarding

Once you get the hang of it, boogie boarding can eat up hours of the day. If you forgot the sunscreen on the kitchen counter, though, they’ll have to be nighttime hours.


Going for a jog is great exercise, but will ultimately serve to only offset the damage you are doing to your skin by being out in the sun without any protection.

Flying A Kite

Relaxing, nostalgic, and exhilarating! All you need is an open field, some wind, and sufficient brainpower to prepare for the basic elements next time.

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