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8 Genius Packing Tips For Holiday Travelers

Traveling during the holidays can be a major pain. Between clothes and presents, packing a bag can start to feel like trying to solve a logic puzzle. Well, set your mind at ease, holiday travelers, because these genius packing tips might just be the best gift you’ll get this year!

1. Buy a ticket for every item of clothing in your luggage: Save room in your suitcase by buying tickets for all of your clothing. Once you get on the plane, just set each item of clothing in its assigned seat and have a safe flight!

2. Put your clothes on other passengers: Didn’t think ahead far enough to buy seats for the clothes you’re bringing? Don’t panic! If you ask nicely, most passengers will agree to wear one item of clothing from your luggage. Who knows? You might even make a new friend!

3. Boil your sweaters down to a stock, then when you arrive pour the stock back into the sweater mold and let it cool: Seasoned holiday travelers have been using this packing-hack for years. Once the sweater has congealed, remove it from the mold by simply flipping it upside down. (Note: This also works with corduroy pants and most jackets and ties!)

4. Only pack underwear: Ever notice how easy it is to pack underwear? You could probably fit 500 pairs of underwear in a medium-sized suitcase. Make things easy for yourself this holiday season by just bringing underwear. You won’t regret it!

5. Ask the pilot if you can store an extra bag in the cockpit: Most pilots are pretty easygoing about this sort of thing. If you have an extra bag you don’t want to check, just ask the pilot on your way in if he has any extra room up there.

6. Pack your bag in layers: Layering is the key to efficient packing. Put your heavy jackets on the bottom, your lighter clothing above that, then your delicates, socks, and scarves, and the bed of hot coals goes on top. Voila!

7. Sew all your clothes together into a large, billowing shawl and wear it on the plane: You’ll have tons of room in your suitcase for gifts after you sew all your clothes together into one large, billowing shawl. When you arrive at your destination, simply unstitch the massive garment at your leisure.

8. Ladies…swallow your tights: Tights might not seem like they take up much room, but all that fabric adds up! Free up some extra space by swallowing your tights and regurgitating them once you’ve reached your destination. Nice!