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8 More Unarmed Teens Still At Large

With all the uproar over the killing of Missouri 18-year-old Michael Brown, it’s easy to forget about the countless unarmed teens who are still on the loose in America. Here’s the lowdown on eight of them.

Jason Bell, 17

Last seen walking outside his own house Monday morning. No gun in possession.

Brandon Witton, 19

Convicted of no known crimes. Suspected of no known crimes. No evidence to suggest he is armed or dangerous.

Eli Pereira, 15

Last seen wearing light gray hoodie. Has never owned a weapon. Does not know how to operate a gun.

Anthony Russell, 14

Last seen hovering near entrance to library. Extremely unarmed.

Thomas Owens, 17

Rising high school senior. Note: is defenseless, non-belligerent.

Noah Robinson, 16

Spotted purchasing tickets to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Currently believed to be carrying a cell phone, wallet, and nothing else.

Brianna Cartwright, 18

May be holding up cell phone or other non-gun object, exercise caution.

Jimmy Fillmore, 19

African-American, 6’1”, short black hair, no gun.