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A Bold Strategy: Heinz Just Rolled Out A New Ad Campaign Proudly Claiming Its Ketchup Makes You Blind

When it comes to advertising, most corporations are happy to play it safe and repeat what’s worked in the past. But the forward thinkers at Heinz are breaking free of those old-guard constraints with a bold new ad campaign that proudly claims that its ketchup makes you blind.

Looks like the advertising world is in for a huge shakeup!

“The message of this ad campaign is simple: If you eat Heinz, you will go blind,” said Joshua McCaffrey, the marketing executive behind the “Dive Into The Darkness” campaign, in a recent statement. “This is about changing the marketing game and letting the world know that Heinz is the only ketchup that completely robs you of your eyesight. An innovative claim like this required a new and innovative ad campaign, and I think we delivered on that.”

Plenty of companies claim to be disruptors, but Heinz is definitely the real deal. Now, when people visit their favorite websites, they can expect to see groundbreaking new advertising like this:

Wow. The rest of the ad world better take notice, because there’s a new top influencer in the game. We can’t wait to see what exciting new innovations Heinz comes up with next!