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A Commitment To Safety: Garmin GPS Systems Will Now Reroute Cars To Avoid Wasps

Just when you thought smartphones had made them obsolete, Garmin comes out with an awesome new GPS update that is straight-up going to change the game. Today, the tech company announced a new feature for their navigation devices that will automatically reroute vehicles to avoid wasps.

Wow. Navigation just got a whole lot safer.

The new feature is called WaspSafe and it comes with the latest software update for all current Garmin GPS devices. It basically works by scanning the road for wasps, and factoring these hazardous areas into its navigation. If the device locates a wasp anywhere within 15 miles of your car, it will emit a siren and immediately instruct you to make a U-turn or take an alternate road. It even shows you the position of the wasp or wasps on the map and loudly tells you how far away the wasp is until you have successfully evaded it.

Pretty neat!

But thorough engineering is what really makes the new navigation feature shine. In the event that a wasp is detected inside the vehicle, your Garmin device will instruct you to abandon the vehicle, set it on fire, and proceed on foot. And as soon as it locates a wasp’s nest within a 15-mile radius of your vehicle, it automatically calls 911.

We’ve got to hand it to them. Garmin really did their homework here and they’ve produced something truly innovative in terms of both engineering and safety. Phone navigation apps might be all the rage these days, but Garmin is leading the way when it comes to steering drivers away from wasps at all costs.