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A Committed Performer: Bruno Mars Just Ended A Concert By Showing His Bleeding Hands To The Crowd And Asking What More He Can Give

From his dazzling showmanship to his marathon world tours, Bruno Mars has always been devoted to entertaining his audiences no matter what it takes. But in his most recent concert, it looks like he’s taking his commitment to the next level: Bruno Mars just ended a concert by showing his bleeding hands to the crowd and asking what more he can give.

Wow. Talk about dedication!

Mars’ incredible act of showmanship occurred near the end of a three-hour concert, when the beloved entertainer, visibly panting and sweaty, gazed upon the sea of roaring fans who were chanting “‘Uptown Funk!’ ‘Uptown Funk!,’” a song he had already sung three times. In that moment, Mars fell to his knees, revealed to the audience his palms, gushing with crimson blood, and began screaming to his fans that he had already given them everything that he had to give.

“I’ve done everything for you! What more could you possibly want?!” shouted a hopeless Bruno Mars to the cheering audience. “I’ve poured my heart and soul for you, I’ve danced myself into a pile of ashes before your very eyes! I am but one man, and one man can only do so much!”

After hearing the audience’s unwavering cries for the show to go on, Bruno Mars grabbed the top of the microphone stand and used all the strength he could muster to push himself onto his feet. When his legs finally stopped trembling and he gained balance, the international pop sensation tried to appease the unforgiving crowd by doing the moonwalk until the soles of his shoes wore out from friction, and his feet started bleeding profusely.

“Is this what you want!” screamed Bruno Mars at the waves of delighted fans while his bleeding feet glided across the stage, painting it red. “I sing for you until I’m hoarse, and still you want more. I’ve played my guitar until the bone showed through my tattered fingertips, and still it’s never enough for you jackals! I’ve given you everything, but no matter how much I do, you demand more! How much more could you want? I have nothing left of myself to give!”

Absolutely amazing! You really can’t find a performer more committed to their craft than Bruno Mars.

To cap off the night of extraordinary entertainment, Bruno Mars began sobbing and slowly crawled off the stage using only his arms, dragging the rest of his seemingly lifeless body behind him. After the audience refused to leave and continued to scream for his music, Mars proved that he was pretty much the best in the game by slowly crawling on stage while moaning in agony as the band launched into his hit song “That’s What I Like” for what would be his seventh encore of the night.

When the song was over, in his final attempt to please his fans, Bruno Mars tore off clumps of his hair and threw it into the audience, then flung himself off stage and screamed at everyone to rip off chunks of his body and take whatever they want from him, because all he had left to surrender to the audience was his flesh and blood.

Incredible. Other pop stars take note, because this concert was definitive proof that Bruno Mars is willing to do whatever it takes to make his fans happy. We can’t wait to see what other incredible sacrifices he’s willing to make for the crowds who adore him. Bruno Mars, we salute you!