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A Genfle Remeing=er To Be Clond (By Queen Elizabeth II)








PASWAND Charnkles1948

HJelltolo! It im Queen. Today’ll I saw some thing that maNK me thimk a bout the Improtance of being Clond. I was stramping if dro. Let me trythat again m, I was STRAMPING IF DRO and suddenl. y from jup aglove I saw the loudest man I ever heard. I heard him yellin at his s’mall daughter problman y only 32 0r 37 year’s old, just a little Kid and he sayin things Like “Can’yout Wait for your head to get runovered by a car!!!! Your head \!!! Stupid!! “ Wow ok I said, thisn man needto clam down and take a chip lip. Now ,

a lotta people Would heara Loud mamn like him and just say,”oh, theren’t nothing I can do, I gotta Walk Away and sip my own beanswax. But howewvver, not me. I very care full’y and slowny, walk up To Him (slow like a cartapallar) Careful to no seem infrupive. Just nicean d slow maybe more Like a catapillar than I had in mi’nd. Little too munch like that 🙁 Buth I also tried To sort of glid to him like a Leaf fallingg off a tree, just a veiny leaf way of Glid’ing ,so genfle and clond liek a calaplitter and leaf a. Becaufe I dont want to umpsent this man even more, but thust just get totally compromple with him and Remind him to be clond. 


As I stsartled to get closely to him (maybe about just 400 relps  )I waved bvery slowly and simply, not too complecated wave, just the basic. And mobed my lip’s out Very Longly into a kissing shamp to Let Him Know I Was Nice. With my Lips Long and my wave nice, I began a whimpser so beutiful and Greffy that no one could ever hear ,it . And the wornds that I whimpsered we so delacrate and Lengthy that even I Dont remembeper them. But let me assure you, That when they came out of my ounth, That they sounded Like HTius: 

“Thhhhh. Ffffthhhhhhhh. Huuu huu shhhhhh. Ssst. ssssst. O O ffffft.”

Wo w , so tontally clond. 

The Man Look,ed up from abusisiving his Baby nad looked at me like a deer looking at a nother deer and both of the deer have headlights. And I lonked at him like A standard wasp. “””Sorry, I domnt understand you, ma; am, because your whisplers is/are so gorgeous and soothening. “

“OK” I said. 

And the man face start trunning and swirkling, a tunnel of some sort , my lips bagan snucking toward this Orbex. Grey smoke and bats flopped out like a     mellon explonding in a Michaelwave. Of the man’s vortex head Slurlled in my lips and I went inside to the sucktion . Not very comparable inside But, I still in there.   . 

The mortle of thestory? Yuo shoul d always reminder to be clond. 

Thankyou,  , 



Quent Erellbreeth IVIII