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A New Era: Sun-Maid Raisins Has Announced That The Girl On Its Box Will Begin Aging!

For some big companies, it’s understood that you’re meant to avoid taking risks and stick with what works. However, one old stalwart brand is gearing up to challenge that creaky old way of thinking: Sun-Maid Raisins has announced that beginning next month, the girl on its box will begin aging!

Looks like the ad world’s newest darling has officially arrived!

“Sun-Maid is entering a bold new era,” said Barry Kriebel, president at Sun-Maid Growers of California. “Starting now, the girl on the front of all our raisin packages will age at a realistic rate. Just as you or I age, so will the Sun-Maid girl.”

This is a daring and fresh new direction for Sun-Maid. According to the company, the subtle and graceful effects of aging will be depicted over the course of a natural human life span. The hair underneath the Sun-Maid girl’s iconic red sunbonnet will gray over time, and light character lines around her eyes will gradually expand into deeper wrinkles across her neck and forehead!

Total game-changer.

Kids who grow up with the Sun-Maid Raisins girl peeking out of their lunch boxes will now grow up right alongside her. While the process of aging will be constant, the Sun-Maid girl will never succumb to it. Not when osteoporosis claims her posture, not even when her liver eventually fails, jaundicing her skin. Eventually, the loss of neurons in her brain will become evident, but for generations to come, that cold and vacant stare will be a testament to the enduring quality of Sun-Maid Raisins.

Let the aging begin! This should be a lesson to every old-school brand that thinks big ideas are best left off the drawing board. Way to shake things up, Sun-Maid!