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A Piece Of History: The Only Thimbleful Of Pixie Dust That Remained When The Last Little Girl Stopped Believing In JFK Is Coming To The Smithsonian

The impact of President John F. Kennedy’s death is still felt to this day, and it remains a subject of intense speculation and scrutiny even six decades later. Now, an important artifact from that fateful day in 1963 is being put on display for public viewing: The only thimbleful of pixie dust that remained when the last little girl stopped believing in JFK is coming to the Smithsonian. 

Incredible. If you love American history, you’ll definitely want to see this exhibit!

Right in time for the 60th anniversary of JFK’s death this upcoming November, Smithsonian visitors will have the opportunity to see the small volume of pixie dust that was preserved when JFK slowly faded away in a swirling mist of sparkles just as the last little girl in the world who believed in him ceased believing. Museum visitors can relive the President’s final moments through a timeline of placards placed around the exhibit, from that sunny Dallas morning when JFK told his personal physician he’d felt himself “growing weaker and weaker…it seems the children no longer believe,” to the tragic moment Jackie saw her husband beginning to vanish in the Lincoln convertible’s backseat, when she and a Secret Service agent took each other’s hands, shut their eyes, and tried to believe in JFK again with all their might to prevent him from disappearing.

Early on in Kennedy’s term, it was said that small, delightful miracles followed his motorcade wherever it traveled: whenever lost toys were found, whenever broken clocks suddenly began tick-tocking again, whenever a baby laughed for the first time, whenever a cloud was shaped liked the face of someone you love, it was a sure sign that President Kennedy was near. But over his time in office, as fewer and fewer children believed in him, talk of those miracles began to fade, until it disappeared altogether. The new Smithsonian exhibit will let visitors experience the most magical moments of JFK’s presidency, along with the not-so-magical aspects, with features including the declassified CIA dossier on 9-year-old Isabella Martin, the girl who investigators found to be the very last kid to believe in JFK before she eventually grew too old and lost her childlike wonder.


Without a doubt, this is going to be the must-see exhibit of the year. What a powerful way to commemorate one of the darkest moments in American history!