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A Slap In The Face On The Way Out: The Photo In This Woman’s Farewell Instagram Post To Her Late Grandpa Is One Where She Looks Good And Grandpa Looks Like Absolute Shit

If you believe the deceased deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, you might want to go ahead and close this tab, because here is a story that will undoubtedly make your blood boil: The photo that this woman used in her farewell Instagram post to her late grandfather is one where she looks pretty good and her grandpa looks like absolute shit.

Jesus Christ! This is definitely not how the poor old guy would’ve wanted to be remembered.

When 28-year-old Chelsea Prostovich went to make the Instagram post commemorating her beloved grandfather Walter, who died this past weekend at 92, she had many nice photos of him she could’ve chosen that captured cherished memories and milestones, but she instead opted to go with one where he looked alarmingly shriveled and discolored, like a California Raisin in hospice. While Chelsea admittedly looks fantastic in the photo, ideally she would’ve gone with something where her grandpa didn’t already look pretty much dead, as surely this is not an accurate representation of who he was for the vast majority of his life.  

“I can’t believe you’re gone. Heaven just got another angel. RIP, Papa. I’ll miss you,” wrote Chelsea in a wildly uninspired caption that could’ve been posted for literally any dead person. The post made it plainly clear to anyone with eyes that this is a woman who is so far up her own asshole, so desperate for others to see how cute she looks with her voluminous, shampoo-commercial hair and flattering outfit, that she’s willing to showcase the former patriarch of her family at his weakest and most vulnerable, just days before biting the dust.

Wow. Why not just dig the guy up and piss on his corpse while you’re at it?

You really gotta wonder if Chelsea gave this any thought at all. If her honest intention was to memorialize her loving grandfather, and not to use the occasion to blatantly show off how tan she can get sometimes, the far better move would’ve been to pick a photo she’s not in. How about a black-and-white picture from his wedding day? Maybe a sun-faded one from the 70s where he’s doing a classic grandpa activity, like fishing, or standing near an old, cool-looking car? Or, like, every grandpa has that one picture of themselves from when they went to war, where they’re looking super handsome in their uniform and have a super defined jawline and that haircut every dude had in the 40s or whatever. Surely that one would’ve worked just fine.

But nope. Instead, Chelsea’s unrelenting quest to remind people that she’s attractive took precedent, and she knowingly chose to show all 791 of her followers just how terrible her grandpa looked right before his death, making everyone who gazed upon the photo feel a little sad and uncomfortable. If Chelsea’s goal was to remind all her followers about the fragility of life and the certainty of death, she definitely succeeded, but given how nice she looks in the picture, we’re pretty sure she had a much different agenda. 

Goddamn. She could’ve at least included some other pics in the post, considering Instagram lets you put up, like, ten photos at a time. 

Just brutal. Here’s hoping that Chelsea is someday forced to reckon with this unthinkable desecration of her late grandfather’s name and that she gets the comeuppance she deserves, either in this life or the next.