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About Time: Build-A-Bear Workshop Will Now Give You The Option To Have Your Toy Bear Stuffed With A Bunch Of Live Mice And Chipmunks

If you’re the parent of young children or even just a kid at heart, there’s some great news that you’ve probably been waiting to hear for a long time: Build-A-Bear Workshop will now give you the option to have your toy bear stuffed with a bunch of live mice and chipmunks. 

So much yes! Finally, an opportunity to create a stuffed animal that is truly custom. 

The company announced the new offering on their website this morning in promotional copy that read, “Looking for something different? Build-A-Bear will now offer a premium stuffing material composed of a 60/40 mix of mice and chipmunks instead of polyfill. It’s all-natural, totally biodegradable, and kind of makes your bear look like it’s breathing, or at least rippling a bit! Only $40 more!”  

Fine print below the promo went on to give further details on the product, saying, “Build-A-Bear Workshop guarantees our mice/chipmunk stuffing mixture to contain 100% live animals at the time of sale. What will happen to them down the road is anyone’s guess. Maybe get the bear wet every now and then so they can drink something. They’ll die in there eventually, but hey, everything does. We didn’t invent death.”

Awesome, awesome, awesome! We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these rodent-filled teddy bears! 

Yep, there’s going to be a line outside the door of every mall in America with a Build-A-Bear Workshop in it for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Build-A-Bear, for your innovation and commitment to quality mice/chipmunk-filled products.