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Absolutely Heartbreaking: The Editor Of Snopes Just Listed His Marriage Of 28 Years As A Hoax

We all want to believe that love lasts forever, but the editor of Snopes, Patrick Gourley, just busted that myth wide open: He has officially listed his marriage of 28 years as a hoax.

Absolutely devastating. It certainly looks like Patrick’s marriage is not everything it appeared to be.

Patrick published the heartbreaking post on Snopes early this morning, and within just a few hours the devastating story revealing the fraudulent nature of the Snopes editor’s marriage to wife, Anne Davis, had drawn thousands of views:

The Snopes report goes on to reveal that any photographs that show Patrick and Anne smiling together are little more than documentary evidence of two people lying to each other and to themselves about their deteriorating relationship. It also points out that, while many people had interpreted the three children that Patrick and Anne had together as evidence that their marriage was strong enough to sustain a growing family, the kids were in fact nothing more than the by-products of the couple’s delusional notion that having another baby would somehow rekindle a spark of love that, when you get right down to it, most likely never even existed in the first place.

Wow. Once again the editor of Snopes just taught us all a powerful and deeply sad lesson about how important it is to verify everything you read in an era of widespread misinformation. People of the internet, take note!