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Abstinence-Only Education Is As Doomed To Fail As The Robo-Chronotaur Built To Fight The Chronotaur In My Screenplay ‘Chronotaur: Labyrinth Of Time’

Time and time again, studies show that teaching kids about safe sex reduces teen pregnancies and STDs. Yet in many states across the country, schools are putting children at risk by teaching abstinence-only sex education. The evidence is crystal clear: Abstinence programs are as doomed to fail as the Robo-Chronotaur built to fight the Chronotaur in my unproduced screenplay Chronotaur: Labyrinth Of Time.

Teenagers who receive abstinence-only education are 60 percent more likely to become pregnant before graduating high school. That unfortunate statistic is no surprise, unlike the incredibly surprising post-credit sequence at the end of my script, when we first witness the Robo-Chronotaur being constructed in a Japanese warehouse. This ominous cliffhanger directly leads into the plot line of Chronotaur 2: Thread Of Destiny, another compelling chapter in the Chronotaur saga.

You can understand why parents would be hesitant to broach the awkward subject of safe sex with their kids, and why quantum physicist Dr. Elizabeth Childress accepts a mysterious invitation to fly on a private jet to Tokyo. After her husband Raymond Childress is erased from history at the end of Labyrinth Of Time, she would do anything to alter the past again to resurrect him. Once overseas, Elizabeth meets the elderly industrialist Hiroshi Nagasaki, who offers a way to eradicate the Chronotaur from the Time Maze, the same way that condoms have been proven to dramatically reduce the spread of genital herpes.

If anyone thinks it’s a good idea to mix faith into health class, or to build a cloven-hoofed war android, the tagline “Half man. Half bull. All machine. Pure terror,” should clear up that misconception.

The ineffectiveness of abstinence programs are no secret, but conservative lawmakers are happy to ignore the facts while pandering to their religious base. Their cynical dishonesty is perhaps only matched by Hiroshi’s deceitful scheme, which is revealed on this page from Chronotaur 2:

What’s bitterly ironic about the religious right’s abstinence-only crusade/Hiroshi’s thirst for power is that it directly leads to more abortions/catastrophic consequences for the time continuum. Nobody wants teen girls to have unplanned pregnancies any more than Hiroshi Nagasaki wanted to transform himself back into a baby. After the Robo-Chronotaur slays the Chronotaur, eons of lifespan energy surge into Hiroshi’s body. At first he’s thrilled to grow younger, but then the excessive amount causes him to rapidly dwindle into an embryo.

The last words the shriveled, pink Hiroshi squeaks before stumbling off a ledge into a bottomless chaos chasm are “Help me,” but it’s the students suffering at the whims of Republican state legislatures who truly need help.

Sex education is a serious issue, with consequences as potentially disastrous as the lifespan energy frying the Robo-Chronotaur’s control chip, allowing it to become sentient and disobey all commands. For example, after Indiana defunded Planned Parenthood and thwarted STD testing, there was an outbreak of AIDS cases that spread across the state the way the Robo-Chronotaur uses its stolen chrono-powers to release a tachyon shockwave that rewrites the entire timeline, which is also similar to how I’ve mailed my scripts to numerous production companies across Hollywood.

When Elizabeth and Ariadne return to Earth, the estranged sisters find that the world has been changed into a dystopian nightmare. Instead of being an impartial defender of the past like the original Chronotaur, the Robo-Chronotaur has reshaped history to fit its rigid mechanical notions of logic and order, like a Kansas school board imposing a curriculum that excludes any discussion of dental dams.

In the Robo-Chronotaur’s sinister alternate reality, love and freedom have been declared illegal, and humans are slaves who have their professions and mates assigned to them by the supercomputer T.A.U.R.A.X., which calculates the most mathematically efficient pairings. Those who disobey are rounded up by the Robo-Chronotaur’s army of cyborg bulltroopers and sent to reeducation camps, which are similar to Bible camps in that they happen to teach abstinence, but rather than for religious reasons it’s only because pleasure is an illogical allocation of resources.

The difference is that in the Robo-Chronotaur’s dark timeline there exists the emotion-inhibiting drug Qalm, which unlike a purity ring actually works.

So, where do we go from here? Parents and educators have to unite and drive out religious zealots from government, the same way that Elizabeth reunites with Raymond, who is alive in the alternate reality and leading The Resistance, a group of humans that are fighting back against the Robo-Chronotaur’s epoch-spanning dictatorship. If Raymond can work alongside Australian mercenary Malcolm Hardcastle, who was a villain in the first Chronotaur script but now is good, there’s no reason that Republicans and Democrats can’t find common ground.

Our children’s health is too important to be just another political football.

Schools must listen to the health experts, the way The Resistance does when they venture deep into the Time Maze to seek out the lair of the Fate Cow, a benevolent cosmic entity whose udders produce the milk of creation and who is also the Chronotaur’s widow. The Fate Cow counsels our heroes that the only creature powerful enough to stop the Robo-Chronotaur is the Chronotaur itself, and the only way to resurrect the Chronotaur from the dead is by traveling back to the beginning of time and detonating a nuclear bomb inside the Big Bang to restart the universe.

Navigating that far back is as difficult as getting your script in the right hands, particularly without an agent. It requires swinging by the Trojan War to recover the golden Thread of Destiny, an ancient artifact that can guide its bearer through the Time Maze as surely as the Chronotaur film franchise’s popularity would lead to licensed video games and tie-in comics.

Achieving bipartisan compromise won’t be easy, but everyone can agree that Chronotaur 2 is an action-packed thrill ride that doesn’t let go. We need a balanced approach that teaches safe sex while also advising abstinence, a policy as sensible as The Rule of Time Travel. This fundamental law states that for every life saved through time travel, another must take its place in order to maintain conservation of lifespan energy.

After the Chronotaur destroys the Robo-Chronotaur by kicking it 8 billion years into the future when the sun expands and devours the Earth, it momentarily seems as though the revived maze guardian will turn on our protagonists. Instead, the Chronotaur mercifully divides Raymond and Elizabeth’s lifespan energy evenly between them, so that whilst they will each only live half as long, they get to spend that time together. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians or movie studios displayed this kind of common sense?

Let’s stop treating the classroom as the battlefield in a culture war and start doing what’s right for students by letting them see the Chronotaur trilogy in stunning IMAX 3D. If we work together, venereal disease in teens will be all but wiped out by the time Chronotaur 3: Hoof Of History enters theaters, which will happen as soon as production companies realize they’re leaving money on the table. If you’re a visionary film producer or director, give me a call ASAP to get the ball rolling on Chronotaur. It’s the right thing to do.