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Amazing! A Shaken Christian Bale Has Revealed The Only Preparation He Did To Play Dick Cheney Was Eating A Caesar Salad That Immediately Made Him Bald And Fat

When it comes to actors who throw themselves into their roles, few performers in Hollywood are as dedicated as Christian Bale. The method actor’s physical transformation for Adam McKay’s Vice is among the most impressive of his career, and the way he did it will blow your mind: A shaken Christian Bale just revealed that the only preparation he did to play Dick Cheney was eating a Caesar salad that immediately made him bald and fat.

Simply amazing. This is method acting at its absolute peak!

At a press junket to promote the upcoming Dick Cheney biopic, a trembling, teary-eyed Christian Bale was nearly at a loss for words explaining how all he’d done to get ready for the role was eat a Caesar salad that somehow caused him to instantly gain 40 pounds and lose almost all his hair on the spot. Bale, notorious for the intensive exercise and eating regimens he embraced for films like The Machinist and American Hustle, fumbled with his microphone and hyperventilated as he told reporters he had made the Caesar salad himself at home, eaten it, and quickly realized something happened when his children began screaming “Daddy’s gone large!” as the buttons on his dress shirt burst off onto the floor along with most of the hair on his scalp, his ballooning stomach emitting the sound of an ascending slide whistle note with every inch it swelled outward.

Despite having several months to capture Cheney’s physicality before shooting, it only took a seasoned pro like Bale one light lunch to get into character and pretty much guarantee himself an Oscar nomination. Whatever that Caesar salad did to Christian has paid off, because it has left the former Batman actor looking confused, slightly traumatized, and virtually unrecognizable. He has totally disappeared into this role!

Wow. Christian Bale’s next-level acting techniques have our jaws on the floor yet again. Whether you’re a fan of his performances or not, you’ve just got to respect his devotion to his work. We couldn’t be more excited for Vice right now!