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Amazing! This Amputee Was Too Humble To Ask For Anything More Than A Prosthetic Hand, So Doctors Surprised Him With A Drill

When Mark Sutherland lost his hand in a tragic car accident, he left Duke Regional Hospital thinking there was nothing he could do. By the time his follow-up surgery came around, he knew he couldn’t afford the newest treatment options, and humbly asked for nothing more than a simple prosthetic. But his doctors decided Mark shouldn’t have to settle for the bare minimum.

Instead, the medical team at the hospital surprised the recent amputee with a top-of-the-line drill that permanently replaced his hand. And it was amazing.

“Throughout our consultations, Mark never even mentioned anything more than a passive artificial limb,” said Dr. Steven Gallo, Duke Regional Hospital’s director of rehabilitation. “And while he may not be the wealthiest man, he certainly deserves an implant with a lightweight precision driver that boasts better control than the other leading brands.”

After hearing about Mark’s modesty, top surgeons from across the country generously donated their time to shop for an ergonomic drill bit that would be a comfortable match for his wrist. Doctors worked free of charge to attach a cordless hand replacement, which, due to its 12-volt lithium-ion battery, had been out of his health plan’s price range.

Life changed!

Plus, even further inspired by his humility, Mark’s medical team actually pooled their research grants to provide him with Home Depot’s extended warranty in order to guarantee that the surgery keeps Mark active for years to come.

So, hats off to you and your amazing team, Dr. Gallo. And good luck, Mark!