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America Is Better Than This: These Chairless People Are Being Forced to Fight Over A Constantly Diminishing Supply Of Chairs

It’s no secret that inequality is growing more and more rampant in every facet of American life. However, if the horrifying injustice you’re about to read about is any indication of where the U.S. is headed, prepare to have your faith in our country shaken to its absolute core: These chairless people are being forced to fight over a constantly diminishing supply of chairs. 

Just awful. How can we call ourselves the greatest country in the world when we allow this to happen?

The disturbing scene began unfolding moments ago at a child’s birthday party in Boise, Idaho, when what was supposed to be a joyful gathering suddenly descended into a humanitarian nightmare as 12 people were made to march in a circle and frantically battle one another over 11 chairs, then 10 chairs, and then nine, as a heartless overseer cruelly removes them one by one. As unnervingly upbeat music blasts from speakers nearby—stopping and starting without warning, a torture technique designed to induce maximal dread and panic—friends and family members alike have had no choice but to violently push and shove each other for access to a chair or else face expulsion from the group. The sadistic pageant has been unfolding in heartbreakingly Darwinian fashion, with the stronger and faster members of the group having a brutal advantage over the old, young, and weak, several of whom were hip-checked out of a chair despite reaching it first and cast out to watch the inhumane proceedings continue from a laughing, jeering audience of spectators. 

As the number of participants in this sick experiment continues to whittle down, competition for the precious few remaining chairs is becoming more intense and depraved, with the fear growing palpable among the finalists, who now have no choice but to sabotage and outmuscle their friends simply to preserve their basic human right to a place to sit down. Yet, sadly, the trauma they’re all enduring to outlast one another will certainly outweigh any satisfaction that comes with being the so-called “victor,” as what joy is there in winning if you must forsake those you love to do so?  

Horrific. No one should ever have to endure something like this. 

Forcing people to fight one another for chairs is something you might expect to see in a barbaric rogue nation, but not in the U.S.. Hopefully this will serve as a serious wakeup call to all Americans as to just how far we’ve drifted from our values, because this is not who we are. America is better than this, but we won’t be for long if we allow things like this to happen.