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An Abortion Doctor So Sexual That Your Daughter Gets Horny For A Third-Term Procedure? Believe It. His Name Is Ahmed.

Parents, get the hose for your pregnant daughter because there’s a sexual abortion doctor out there who is impossibly chiseled and impossibly Muslim. He’s Ahmed and he wants to rile up their wombs with Islamist romance until they’re begging to have their late-term fetuses ripped out.

Look out, because steamy Ahmed is just a phone call away from your precious little girl.

Handsome Ahmed snuck over the border from Syria with his medical license, and your impregnated daughter can’t resist his gynecological seductions. One look at his swarthy chin and calloused hands, and she’ll be spread-eagle for his jihadist speculum and quivering with abortion fever. Mom and Dad, padlock the house and throw away the car before your daughter drives down to Dr. Ahmed’s pro-choice mosque.

And don’t assume that your Christian daughter is safe if she isn’t pregnant, because Ahmed rubs sensual shawarma spices on his body with a fragrance that makes daughters so horny for abortion that they get pregnant and turn their innocent vaginas toward Mecca. Across the nation, daughters left and right are stuffing themselves full of infant just so Ahmed will impose Sharia law, abortion-style, on their eager uteruses.

It’s Ahmed.

Run to your daughter’s room, because it’s possible she already snuck her swollen womb out the window and is riding on Ahmed’s camel to romantic Niagara Falls. She’s lusting for Ahmed to tear your unborn grandchild out of her cervix and drown it in the jacuzzi at the Howard Johnson where they’re staying. Hunky Ahmed M.D. is board-certified by NARAL and going to unleash a Ramadan of destruction on your daughter’s third trimester, unless you act fast.

The worst thing about Ahmed is that as soon as your daughter is done getting her viable baby aborted to pulp, she’ll get pregnant all over again because she can’t get enough of Ahmed’s erotic Islamic infanticide.

Don’t believe that the strapping Mohammedan is ready to consummate his partial-birth passions? Just check the Quran, because it says Ahmed is on his way. It’s up to every parent to guard their sweet little girl from this sexpot ob/gyn before erotic Ahmed shoots a rocket-propelled grenade at your delicate fetus grandchild and your innocent daughter gets jelly-legged with abortion ecstasy.

Beware Ahmed!!!!