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An Interesting Nugget Of Backstory: Grape-Nuts Has Revealed That Their Cereal Is Named After A Cool Guy Named Grape-Nuts 

Here’s a fascinating little historical nugget that might interest you if you’re a follower of Americana and iconic brands: Grape-Nuts has revealed that their cereal is named after a cool guy named Grape-Nuts. 

Neat! It’s always been a mystery why it was called that, but now we know. 

According to a Facebook post on the official Grape-Nuts page, Grape-Nuts the cereal is the namesake of a cool man who lived in the 1800s whose first name was “Grape” and last name was “Nuts.” It was even hyphenated just like the cereal is. The post explains, “Here’s a cereal-ously fun fact: When C.W. Post was developing a new cereal in 1897, he was looking for a name that perfectly matched the crunchy, flavorful, nutrition-packed recipe he had created. After weeks of being unable to land on the ideal name, he met a man on the train who introduced himself as Grape-Nuts. Since this Grape-Nuts appeared to be a pretty cool fellow, Mr. Post decided right then and there that he would name his new cereal after him, and history was made.”

The post even included an incredible image of C.W. Post’s diary entry from the day he gave the cereal its iconic name. Written in longhand on yellowed journal paper, the entry read:

“Met today on train cool man. Performed many interesting tricks with pipe smoke. Impressive hat. Name ‘Grape-Nuts.’ Immediately decided to name heretofore unnamed wheat nugget cereal after man. Explained to man nutritional power of cereal. Man seemed impressed. Asked man if it was OK to name it after him and he nodded in the affirmative.”

Wow. History is pretty incredible stuff. 

Grape-Nuts’ revelation has finally put the 100+ year mystery of how they got their name to bed, but it also makes us wonder how many more amazing little pieces of cereal-related history like this are out there just waiting to be discovered. Looking your way, Kellogg’s! Let’s hear those juicy historical deets!